Augusta Precious Metals vs Goldco: Which is better?

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Welcome to my Augusta Precious Metals vs Goldco comparison to see which Gold IRA group is better.

We all need and desire solid retirement plans to help us live comfortably in our hay years. That’s why it’s wise to diversify your retirement portfolio via multiple investments. Moreover, political and economic instability often impact conventional investments negatively, further increasing the need for alternative investments.

Furthermore, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission recommends branched out retirement investments as a proven path toward financial risk management and freedom. Investing in precious metals, IRA can help you secure a comfortable financial future for comfy retirement living by offering tax advantages, improving purchasing power, and diversifying wealth and financial assets.

There’s recently been an influx in the number of Gold IRA providers, making it challenging for investors to identify the most suitable players. Nevertheless, there are still a handful of reliable and reputable companies offering world-class precious metal services. Here, we’ve reviewed and compared two of the best Precious Metal IRA Providers to help you find the best one to entrust your retirement savings.

Comparison Table: Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals

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GoldCo ($25,000 Minimum Investment)
Augusta Precious Metals ($50,000 Minimum Investment)


Goldco Precious Metals (Goldco)

Augusta Precious Metals

Year of Establishment:



Minimum Account Investment:



Overall Average Rating



Supported Precious Metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

Gold and Silver

Price-matching for precious metal bullion and coins



Existing IRA Rollover Support



The average time interval for an order to reach depository

One week

Two weeks

Customer Support

Dedicated and customised support

Dedicated, customized, and life-long customer support

Precious Metals Buy-Back Program



Start for Free:

Goldco Overview

Birthed in 2006 and headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, Goldco (Goldco Precious Metals) is a brokerage firm for precious metal assets. They specialize in self-directed precious metal IRAs, among other investment options for precious options. The company has a strong reputation and glowing accolades for its dedication to helping investors secure and balance retirement wealth via precious metals.

Unlike most rival precious metal dealers, Goldco prides itself in offering a wide range of precious metal investments based on multiple metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition, they partner with trusted precious metal custodians and depositories to present customers with a world-class experience in precious metals storage security, service reliability, asset diversity, and customer suppor


Goldco Precious Metals (Goldco)



Trevor Gerszt

Year Established:


Account minimum:


Average Rating:

4.8/5 ⭐

Carson's Rating:

4.9/5 ⭐

Other vs:

Full Review:

Free IRA Kit:

Precious Metals Investing Services at Goldco

Goldco is the go-to firm for investors keen to expand their retirement portfolios in alternative non-volatile assets. Rather than use unstable assets like bonds and stocks, Goldco enables you to channel your investment into the more stable precious metals market. As a result, they’re the one-stop shop for investors seeking hands-off investment alternatives to conventional investment options.

You can access a full-house package of precious metal brokerage products and services from Goldco. These include IRS-accredited precious metals IRAs, non-IRA (direct) sale of precious metal assets, and a buy-back offer for the precious physical metals. However, their main focus is offering top-class precious metal IRA services.

A Goldco self-directed gold or silver IRA enables you to diversify investments for future financial freedom and stability. It allows you to hold wealth in high-value physical metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. While this may seem a little old school, it’s a surefire way to safeguard your retirement wealth against the constant value fluctuations of the dollar and other liquid financial assets.

Opening a precious metals IRA with Goldco is a straightforward process. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Contact the Goldco support specialists directly via phone call or the responsive online contact form on their website

  2. Go through your financial objectives with the firm’s representative. They’re personable experts who listen patiently before guiding you to the best precious metal investment opportunities. 

  3. Provide all required personal and financial details to open your new Goldco precious metals IRA

  4. Set up an account with a suitable IRS-accredited IRA custodian. The firm recommends a list of custodians they regularly work with, but you can also choose your preferred one. Fund your Goldco IRA by depositing a minimum of $25,000 directly or transferring the funds from another supported retirement package 

  5. Review the available precious metals on the Goldco catalog and select the coins and bars you want to add to your gold or silver IRA. Once the process is approved, the firm delivers your cache of precious metals to your chosen depository. 

  6. As your IRA administrator, Goldco purchases the precious metals as a broker before shipping them to the selected depository for safe storage. Then, whenever you want to cash liquidate your precious metals cache, the company allows you to sell them back to them or third-party dealers.

Besides world-class gold and silver IRA brokerage, Goldco also enables investors to buy IRS-approved precious metal bullion and coins for their IRA and private collections. They coordinate with IRS-accredited custodians and storage facilities for the safe and convenient storage, access, and monitoring of these assets. Moreover, they’re industry leaders in providing Simple IRA and SEP IRA Planning along with Roth and Traditional IRA Planning.

Rollover Opportunities

As an investor with Goldco, you can fund your precious metals IRA by depositing funds directly or transferring the funds from a recognized retirement account. You can rollover funds from these retirement accounts into your Goldco silver or gold IRA:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Roth 401(k)
  • Roth 457(b)
  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)


Goldco isn’t 100% forthcoming with information on product and service costs on their website. However, these are the general fees you can expect to incur:

  • One-off $50 Goldco IRA set up fee
  • A one-time wire fee of $30
  • Minimum account investment of $25,000 for either silver gold IRA 
  • Annual maintenance fee of $80
  • $150 annual cost for segregated IRA storage
  • $100 annual fee totalling for non-segregated IRA storage

Is Goldco a Scam or Legit?

Goldco is a completely legit precious metals brokerage firm. Based in California, the enterprise caters to the global needs of investors looking to broaden their retirement financial muscle via hands-off assets. They offer a full-scope precious metals investment service pack consisting of gold and silver IRAs, direct (cash) precious metals purchase, first-class customer support, and funding rollover from existing IRAs to Goldco precious metal IRAs.

With over a decade of experience in precious metals investments, Goldco is at the forefront of helping investors secure, expand, and insure retirement portfolios in alternative investments

You can start for Free!

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Augusta Precious Metals Overview

Since its inception in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has been offering a variety of legit ways for investors to diversify wealth via precious metals investments. The service-oriented family-owned enterprise has close to 10 years of experience in offering first-rate precious metal services. Their investment package includes gold and precious silver metals IRA services, non-IRA precious metal marketplace, and constant customer support.

If you’re looking for a trusted and established precious metals firm to partner with in building wealth for a secure retirement future, Augusta Precious Metals is worth looking into. They’re specialists in self-directed IRA and selling gold and silver outside IRA arrangements. Read on to learn more about the company;

Let’s take a closer look at August Precious Metals:


Augusta Precious Metals (APM)



Isaac Nuriani, CEO

Year Established:


Account minimum:


Average Rating:

4.6/5 ⭐

Carson's Rating:

4.7/5 ⭐

Free Investing Kit:

Gold IRA Investing Services at Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals offers up opportunities to load up retirement packages with physical gold and silver. Unlike most other precious metal IRA providers, however, this firm incorporates specialized personnel and departments in each stage of IRA investment. This not only streamlines the process for investors but also has major cost-saving perks.

The award-winning firm dedicates itself to providing investors with the ultimate experience in reliability, simplicity, and transparency in precious metal IRA investments. Once you decide to open a precious metals IRA with the firm, they assign you an expert to walk you one-on-one through the entire process. Here’s a breakdown of the entire straightforward procedure:

  1. Contact Augusta Precious Metals and present your query. They’ll assign you a customer success agent as liaison in the entire procedure to guarantee you customer satisfaction
  2. Learn the latest trends in the gold and silver precious metal market via online or phone discussions with the firm’s economic education department
  3. Open a precious metals IRA with Augusta Precious Metal. The firm’s IRA Processing team prompts you to choose a gold IRA custodian to store your precious metals. These custodians are not only legit and IRS-approved but also offer competitive pricing and asset insurance. Some of the firm’s preferred gold IRA depositories include:

  • The Delaware Depository
  • Jackson, Ohio
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New Castle, Delaware
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Springfield Gardens, New York

This team handles the majority of the paperwork involved in funding your IRA. In addition, you can choose to either purchase gold or silver directly from Augusta Precious Metals or rollover part or entire wallet funds from another accepted retirement account.  

  1. Choose the specific precious metals you want to purchase. Then, the company’s Order Desk gathers your selected precious metal assets for delivery to your preferred depository.
  2. Confirm your purchase of precious metals. Liaise with the Augusta Precious Metals Confirmation Teams via telephone to finalize your purchase and delivery of precious metals.   

Birch Gold Group offers a full-house precious metals package for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This includes sourcing, purchase, and sale of the physical precious metals, storage, and gold IRA.

Rollover Opportunities

Suppose you already have another retirement account, such as an existing traditional IRA or 401(k) account. In that case, Augusta Precious Metals allows you to roll over the funds therein to your gold IRA. You can either transfer all or part of the funds. 

Either way, this enables you to enjoy the tax perks of a conventional IRA alongside other benefits of investing in precious metals. In addition, rolling over funds from an existing retirement portfolio to your Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA is a sure way to protect your retirement wealth against value fluctuations.


Unlike most other precious metal IRA providers, Augusta prides itself on transparency in its exclusive precious metal investment offers. They have no hidden fees whatsoever. Even better, the company offers among the most competitive prices for precious metal products and services. 

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of investing in precious metals with Augusta:

  • A  $50 one-off account setup fee
  • Annual custodian maintenance fee of $80
  • $100 annual depository storage fee
  • A minimum account investment of $50,000 for non-IRA precious metal purchase
  • Minimum account investment of $100,000 for gold and silver IRAs
  • The variable cost of gold and silver bullion and coins is based on market rates and spot prices. The bullion coins have a 5% markup cost. 
  • Free shipping and transit

Is Augusta Precious Metals a Scam or Legit?

Augusta Precious Metals is a fully legal and legit precious metal services provider. Based in Beverly Hills, California, the family-owned enterprise specializes in offering top-tier precious metal investment packages. These include gold and silver self-directed IRAs and non-IRA (cash) sale of precious metal assets. 

The firm boasts a customer-focused support system, market-savvy experts, free information-rich resources, solid experience, and transparent pricing. Coupled with diverse gold and silver offerings, this makes Augusta ideal for investors looking for alternate legal ways to expand their retirement coffers. However, they only offer gold and precious silver metals and have a relatively high minimum account investment cap.

What’s better for Gold IRA Rollovers: Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals?

Both Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco allow and help investors to rollover part or all funds from existing IRAs to their gold IRAs. However, Goldco tramples Augusta Precious Metals. While you can transfer the entire $25,000 from another IRA to kick-start your precious metals IRA investment at Goldco, Augusta requires you to have an initial minimum investment of a whopping $50,000. 

Moreover, Goldco is better as it allows you to purchase and hold gold, silver, platinum, and palladium assets using rollover funds. Conversely, Augusta only allows you to purchase gold and precious silver metals using the rollover finances.

Final Verdict: Is Augusta Precious Metals or Goldco Better For Gold IRA Investing?

Overall, Goldco is better for gold IRA investments than Augusta Precious metals for these reasons:

  • Goldco has a lower minimum account investment requirement than Augusta. With Goldco, you need to invest a minimum $25,000 while Augusta Precious Metals needs you to inject at least $50,000. Thus, Goldco better suits beginner and low-capital investors while Augusta is better for larger investments.
  • Goldco allows investors to hold wealth in a wide variety of precious metal assets including gold, platinum, silver, and palladium. On the other hand, Augusta only allows investments in silver and gold assets.
  • Goldco has been in the precious metals market for over a decade, and has more experience serving investors than Augusta Precious Metals whose market experience is under a decade.

Still, both precious metal firms are legit, reliable, and renowned for their stellar customer support services. In fact, Augusta Precious Metals boasts a more exclusive and customer-focused life-long customer support system. This makes it ideal for beginner precious metal investors who need ample support to make sound financial decisions every step of the way.

August Precious Metals


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