Goldco vs Noble Gold vs Patriot Gold Group: Which Gold IRA Investment Is Better?

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Should you invest in a Gold IRA, rollover, or precious metals? I've been hustling the wall street, NYC investing game for years, helping thousands of clients diversify their portfolio. But now, I'm investing my time into helping people retire faster. Let's take a look at Goldco vs. Noble Gold vs. Patriot Gold Group (gold IRA firms) to see which one is the better gold IRA investment for you.

Why Invest in Gold IRA and Precious Metals?

Good retirement goes far beyond getting social security and Medicare insurance. The government can only do so much, and those who have 401K accounts can get hit by the impact of a suffering economy. Today's climate has changed with the advent of people who stretch their dollars so they can live beyond their means. This has an impact on those looking to develop a solid future with a good nest egg as prices continue to soar.

reasons to invest in GOLD IRA

You should consider an individual investment plan that allows you to be in total control of your assets. The gold and silver market gives you enough flexibility to reinvest when you decide its right for you. You can purchase as many gold and silver pieces as you want to. Plus, you can sell these pieces and get the cash you need to live comfortably.

Gold and silver are the best protection you can get against the rise and fall of the stock market. When stock values plummet, these precious metals remain secure inside your vault for future use. Their worth is not as greatly affected by these fluctuations like stocks and bonds are.

This is the best reason to consider other types of investments. Precious metals have been the best standard for protection against all forms of economic disaster. Plus, with precious metals, there is no way for social security to know your personal net worth. You can still get full retirement benefits without the fuss.

Which Gold IRA and Precious Metals Investment Company Is Better? Goldco vs. Noble Gold vs. Patriot Gold Group

three gold IRA company comparison article featured image

Goldco (left) vs Noble Gold (middle) versus Patriot Gold Group (right) comparison article.

The key to building your IRA portfolio is to find an investment company with knowledge of how it all works. They should be trained in customer service and be able to meet your needs. Their staff and sales reps should have the time to answer your questions, review the pros and cons of each precious metal, and assist you in making the correct decision for your retirement savings. Choosing the right precious metals firm is vital to your future.

I put this table together below to show you the main differences between the three investment companies. Let's take a look:

vsbrand logo fo Goldco Precious Metals Investmentsbrand logo fo Noble Gold Investmentsbrand logo fo Patriot Gold Investments
Minimum Investment$25,000$2,000$15,000
Annual Investment Fee$175$225$225
IRA Approved Gold✔️✔️✔️
IRA Approved Silver✔️✔️✔️
Rollover Options✔️✔️✔️

There are three top precious metals investors listed below. Each company comes with its own way of doing business with the customer. The information below can help in allowing you to make your choice. The three companies are Goldco vs Noble Gold vs Patriot Gold. Information regarding their establishment, legitimacy, and the services they offer along with comparative pricing is available in each section.

brand logo fo Goldco Precious Metals Investments

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

brand logo fo Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

brand logo fo Patriot Gold Investments

Patriot Gold

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

Overview of Goldco Investing Company

Goldco has been established as one of the leading gold and precious metals investors since its inception in 2006. It has enjoyed a stellar reputation as a company that allows investors to open accounts and invest in precious metals that will grow to become individual retirement accounts, or IRAS. The evidence proves that Goldco is established and a legitimate precious metals investment corporation.

Read full goldco review - is it legit? Plus get a free download of their IRA investing kit below:

IRA approved gold and silver investments from Goldco

What Types of Gold and Precious Metals Can You Invest In?

Goldco has access to all kinds of precious metals for your IRA portfolio. In fact, they can help you choose the right plan for you. There are two types of precious metals that are used for your IRA:

  1. 401(k) accounts
  2. 403(b) accounts

Whatever you choose to invest in, be it gold, silver, or both, your savings will accrue well enough to allow you to retire in a timely manner.

The type of gold that you can invest in is classic gold. It has lasted the test of time through the centuries and continues to be the strongest standard in spite of the market. When the market is good, it's best to invest in gold as part of your savings portfolio. It is the number one precious metal, even during economic downtimes. No matter what happens, there are others who are looking into gold as the best investment. It has all the security you need to withstand anything, from a recession to a global pandemic and its effects.

Even silver has an advantage in the stock market. Much like gold, it has potential to protect your investment from the side effects of a major economic crash. It can be just as steady and reliable an investment as gold, which is why Goldco considers it a necessary part of your portfolio. The greatest difference is that it is cheaper, which is all the more reason that Goldco encourages you to mix it with gold in your IRA account.

Goldco knows that silver can be just as precious as gold. Perhaps the best aspect of this type of precious metal is the widespread use and availability of it. Silver is hailed as something that is practical and sturdy, not to mention valuable in building your IRA account.

Goldco also appears to offer platinum and palladium in spite of what others have to say. Although they don't emphasize them as much, they understand that they work in ways that are similar to both silver and gold. However, their two mainstays are in silver and gold.

What is Goldco's Minimum Investment?

goldco's website minimum investment

With Goldco, you can open your portfolio with a minimum investment of $25,000 for your IRA account. From there, you can enjoy a low rate investment into the account which starts out at $175 per year. But the more you invest, the better the returns.

Customer Reviews and Ratings Online

Goldco has enjoyed a good share of positive reviews online. Among them are the ease at which customers and representatives communicate. Several have given the firm 4 or 5 star ratings for excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

Goldco's reputation as a skilled, knowledgeable company allows you to feel as though you can relax about the wavering stock market. It is apparent that they have exactly all that it takes to transfer a Roth IRA into something you can have complete control over. From everything spoken online, trust between individual investors and their representatives does not appear to be an issue.

customer reviews on Goldco from

With over 560+ customer reviews and 90% of them being "Excellent" it's very clear that Goldco should be a serious contender for investing in Gold IRA / Precious Metals.

customer reviews 2
customer reviews 4
customer reviews 3

Other Comparisons You Should Research

Expert Advice - Invest

Overview of Noble Gold Investing Firm

Noble Gold's legitimate and trustworthy website

Noble Gold was founded and established in 2017 as another leading investment company. Much like Goldco, they specialize in silver and gold as tangible investments for the future. They have enjoyed a fine reputation as a knowledgeable firm that informs customers of their assets and how to protect them.

IRA approved gold and silver investments from Noble Gold

What Types of Gold and Precious Metals Can You Invest in?

With Noble Gold, you can create your portfolio with gold and silver as your main sources. You can also invest in platinum and palladium coins. In fact, all of their metals come in the form of coins, and you can even choose to invest in rare currency to spice up your assets.

The gold you invest in can come in the form of a bar or a coin. You can choose to purchase "emergency kits" which contain the gold you choose along with other precious metals. The one concern is that these kits are easily delivered to your doorstep using a normal mail delivery system.

For some, the ease of delivery in these "emergency kits" may appear to be a good dream. But as precious as gold and silver are, it pays to know just how safe and secure a delivery like that is. If it becomes obvious that precious metals are inside, your package could become vulnerable to porch pirates.

What is Noble Gold's Minimum Investment?

Noble Gold's website minimum investment

Patrons can start their portfolios with a minimum investment of $2,000. They can build on it annually, but the standard costs appear to differ. Some sources say that those who live in Texas pay $150 per year into the account, along with an additional fee of $80. Those who invest anywhere else are said to pay a minimum of $225 in yearly fees which are used to invest in the account.

Real reviews and ratings on the internet

Like Goldco, Noble Gold has been given 4 and 5 star reviews online. They are most known for their level of expertise. Professionalism appears to rank right next to it, with most customers claiming that they cannot imagine investing their gold backed IRAs anywhere else.

Overview of Patriot Gold Group Investing

Patriot Gold Group's legitimate and trustworthy website

Patriot Gold was established in 2016 as another leading company in the precious metals business. It also enjoys an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and a host of positive online reviews. They work directly with seasoned investors and not salespeople or brokers. This can eliminate the middle and possibly avoid extra fees.

IRA approved gold and silver investments from Patriot Gold Group

What are the Precious Metals and Gold IRA investment opportunities?

Again, the main focus is on gold, with more emphasis being placed on gold-backed IRAs. Patriot Gold is one who works directly with the investors and companies wanting to sell their shares to someone else. Although Patriot Gold deals mainly with buying and selling gold, they are said to allow clients to purchase silver and platinum as well.

What is Patriot Gold's Minimum Investment?

Patriot Gold Groups's website minimum investment

If you want to look into Patriot Gold, you will need to start saving as much money as you can. They require $15,000 for a minimum startup investment and an annual investment fee of $225 for anything below $30,000. You may find that this could be relatively expensive, even without having a salesperson as your intermediary. Before making your choice, it's best to research and compare your options.

Positive and Negative Reviews + Ratings

Patriot Gold appears to have enjoyed a perfect review online with almost zero exceptions. Although they appear to be knowledgeable with a passion for providing information and expertise to the public, it simply appears too good to be true for some.

customer reviews on Patriot Gold Group from
customer reviews 5
customer reviews 7

Robert holds Patriot Gold Group in high regard, but it was back in 2020.

customer reviews 6

Which Is better for Gold IRA Investing: Noble Gold, Goldco, or Patriot Gold Group?

Noble Gold is best for those who seek to learn about the different ways to invest. They can connect you to the right experts through an excellent referral system. They seem to be more for those interested in coin collecting due to the fact that they appear to emphasize that more than precious metals. They offer historic currency that goes back a few years prior to the Civil War.

learn the different ways to invest in precious metals

Investing with Patriot Gold Group vs Goldco is good for people who want to deal directly with owners and other investors willing to sell. They are good for anyone wanting to avoid sales reps. But after careful research, I've found 5 star reviews but no communication between the reviewers and owners. Even though those reviews are excellent on the surface, they are worth some level of critical thinking.

deal directly with precious metals owners

Our Gold IRA Investing Expert's Recommendation

Carson Ash here, a gold IRA investing expert, and I want to help you invest with a winning gold IRA investment company. Any company or organization that appears to have perfect reviews could be cause for suspicion in some cases. But there are some companies who can enjoy the fruits of such accolades to a degree. But a mix of good and bad reviews can actually make any organization look good to the public.

As consumers, we crave ethics, truth, and authenticity. Any business that has the occasional 1 or 2 star review may take a momentary fall, only to get up again. But its not the criticism that matters, it's the response to the criticism. Some companies or individuals might react in a way that appears unprofessional, while others ignore what the consumer is saying.

This is the greatest reason to choose Goldco over Noble Gold and Patriot Gold Group for your future investment needs. They have an excellent response rate to all inquiries, and you can be assured of a positive response of your review. Any review receives a thank you note, which speaks greatly of how much they value your time well beyond office hours. 

goldco branded logo

If anyone has a complaint, they will try and resolve it in a timely manner. One of very few complaints concerned someone who didn't get their investment package in time. They offered 4 stars and expressed concern that this might affect the offer promised to them. The company responded that delivery was delayed due to the pandemic and promised to get the package out as soon as possible. The offer still stood, and it seemed as though all parties were satisfied.

The keys to running a good business of any kind are honesty and the willingness to communicate openly with your customers. This builds trust and increases your customer base. People need to be able to trust their investors with their money and their assets.

Our Golden Pick

What really makes Goldco stand out is the fact that they pull no punches when handling your money. Their investment products vary, and they have seasoned representatives who can answer your questions and address your concerns.

The ability to communicate effectively while delivering the best service can seal your reputation as a business. Goldco has done both. They will speak to customers by phone or online. They will take the time to help you put your gold and silver IRA together and develop the retirement plan that's right for you. That is another reason Goldco stands out among its competitors.

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