Goldco Vs Regal Assets: Which Gold IRA Company Is Better?

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Welcome to my Goldco vs Regal Assets comparison article to help you choose which is the better Gold IRA investment company.

Saving for retirement is never an easy task and making sound financial decisions along the way proves to be even trickier. With the instability of our financial market, it is impossible to put all your retirement savings in one nest egg and hope for the best. Financial advisors and analysts consider diversification the best way to cushion yourself from uncertainties of the market.

As you diversify your portfolio, you might want to consider gold individual retirement accounts or Gold IRAs. It is a dedicated account that allows you to put money aside and invest in gold to cover all your retirement costs. A quick search online for Gold IRAs will tell you that there are several corporations giving Gold IRA to individuals. So, in this guide, we will look at two popular Gold IRA accounts: Regal Assets and Goldco. Join us as we unravel which one of the two investments is an ideal option and why.

What Is A Gold IRA and Precious Metals Investment?

A gold IRA investment is a retirement fund investment where you put your money on tangible gold. By doing so, you are cushioning your investment against unexpected financial turmoil and shocks as it helps diversify your portfolio. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to inject cash into the new account and you can roll over funds from other retirement funds or an existing 401k, 457b, 403b, or IRA.  

investing in gold ira - what is it

All purchases, bookkeeping, and recording are done by a custodian- a bank or financial institution. The custodian is also responsible for recommending a place where you’ll store your precious metal. Once you have funds in your account, you can now withdraw money from your account as long as you reach the age of 59.5. If you do so before that, you’ll attract a penalty of as much as 10%.

Choosing The Better Gold IRA Investing Company: Goldco Vs. Regal Assets

If you're reading this, then you're serious about making a big time investment or Gold IRA rollover. For the past 10 years I was hustling on wall street. There's really not a day that goes by where I don't miss it. Yea... I'm a little crazy like that, but that's the BULLION in me! I can't speak highly enough about Goldco and Regal Assets. Both are great companies, have been featured on big publications, have great ratings, and they're trusted among my investing peers + my clients that are happily retiring because of them.

Below, is a table comparison that I came up with to show the main differences and some of the similarities. At the end of the article, I'll give you my recommendation as to which brand is better in my humble, but experienced opinion.

Minimum IRA Investment
$25,000 (sometimes $20,000 if the company thinks they can work with you)
Minimum Non Transactional IRAs
IRA Approved Gold
IRA Approved Silver
Rollover Options
Annual Investment Fee
Average Customer Rating
4.7/5 ⭐
4.4/5 ⭐
Carson's Rating
4.8/5 ⭐
4.7/5 ⭐

What Is Goldco?

Also known as Goldco Direct or Goldco Precious Metals, Goldco sells precious metals and offers both gold and silver IRAs. The company was founded in 2006 and has been helping thousands of customers diversify their portfolio through gold IRAs. Apart from precious metal IRAs Goldco also offers crypto IRA also referred to as CoinIRA. 

goldco's brand logo precious metals

Goldco has a stellar reputation with its clients for a smooth service. The company takes pride in customer relationships and will take investors through the whole process step by step. Their professional approach to customer service along with competitive prices puts Goldco at the peak of precious metal businesses.

Is Goldco a Reputable Company?

Goldco prides itself in operating for more than a decade and allowing thousands of customers to transfer their funds to gold investment. Looking at the reviews on their website, it is no doubt that Goldco is a reputable company and has a soft touch to its clients.

Additionally, Goldco has been recognized by top third-party audit companies as a trustworthy brand. Here are some of Goldco's ratings:

goldco's reputable business proof

Featured in many publications and having a stellar rating on trustpilot and the BBB, which is almost impossible to achieve in the finance space, Goldco is very trustworthy.






47 Reviews



5 Reviews


4.3/5 ⭐

64 Reviews


5/5 ⭐

248 Reviews

The above ratings are given based on ethical business practices, service, and dependability. As someone who's been in the Gold IRA space for a very long time, it's almost unheard of getting ratings like this from the BBB, BCA, Google, Trustlink and Trustpilot.

Precious Metals and Gold IRA Investments With Goldco

Investing in precious metals has become a common phenomenon over the past few years. With the economy being volatile, investors sort out to look for safer investment options like precious metal IRAs. Since precious metals are not as volatile as bonds and stocks, it is easier to invest in them as a retirement plan. Also, these precious metals are tangible items that prove to be an ideal option for many people. 

If you look at what happened in the 2008 financial crisis, most investors were caught unaware and had to suffer the consequences. People had not invested in tangible items like gold or silver and so, the intrinsic value of their investments sharply diminished. To avoid such mishaps, it is best to invest in precious metals as they are 100% guaranteed and better at safeguarding your wealth during recessions.

investing with goldco - precious metal and gold

With inflation rising very fast, it's smart to consider investing with Goldco. If you're proud to be a FREE American (why I created this gold on top of USA flag image), Goldco offers a FREE gold IRA kit.

What’s Goldco’s Minimum Investment?

Goldco has an attractive investment minimum for its customers. If you aren’t sure what amount of money is good enough to invest in Goldco, here are the prices for both IRAs and non-IRAs. 


Minimum Investment

Precious Metal IRAs 

$20,000 - $25,000

Non IRA Transaction


What Are Goldco’s Fees?

Goldco has one of the lowest costs and fees for investors and you’ll often hear the company use “as low as” when talking about their fees. Here is a breakdown of how much Goldco charges for metal and non-metal IRAs. 

One Time Fees


IRA Setup Fee


Wire Fee


Annual Fees





$100 (Non-segregated) - $150 (Segregated)

The general cost for precious metal IRA in Goldco is $260 annually. However, non-segregated IRAs have a cost of $260 for the initial year and $180 for subsequent years. Segregated costs might be low at $50 for the initial year, but you will pay $310 and $230 for the subsequent years. 

In non-IRA transactions, Goldco charges absolutely nothing for all transactions. This includes setup fees, storage, and yearly maintenance.

Goldco Vs. Other Gold IRA Companies

There are other great gold IRA Companies you'll want to research besides Goldco and Regal Assets. One of our most popular posts is Goldco compared to Birch Gold Group because both are very similar companies. Another great comparison is Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals, along with Oxford Gold Group and Goldco. And, finally, Goldco vs Noble Gold and Patriot Gold Group - these are excellent places to start your research and I'm confident you'll find the right one that fits your needs in terms of investment goals.

Investor Reviews of Goldco: What are they saying?

Goldco is a well-known gold IRA investment company and it has attracted investors from all over the world. While the company is certainly not 100%, there are more positive reviews than negative ones. Here are a couple of comments from clients and investors who have worked with Goldco. 

“I believe that there is always a good time to invest in precious metals, especially during turbulent times like today. When financial markets are uncertain, precious metals tend to rise in value. The Goldco team sets the gold standard for assisting anyone interested in investing in gold and silver and is my choice for protecting my hard-earned retirement savings for myself and my family’s financial future.”

Chuck Norris

“I had a Great Experience with the GOLDCO professionals that I worked with. Joshua Hoffman and Ben Monaci were excellent. They both shared with me the current marketplace situation and Joe Biden's administration changes that are going to affect all of our 401K retirement plans and increase in Future taxes to all of us. They provided me a means of protecting my paper assets by investing in Gold and Silver Metals. Ben was especially patient with me with all the questions I asked. He ensured that I felt comfortable and confident in the decisions I was making."


"We spoke on several occasions to ensure that my transaction went smoothly. I kept him up to date every step of the way during the roll-over of my 401K, to the check cutting to the mail-back of the check to the structuring of the account etc. All in all, the process went very smoothly due to his assistance and the others that I met and worked with along the way. I would highly recommend to my family and friends, should the situation arise for them, to use GOLDCO services. I'm glad I decided to protect my assets with Gold and Silver metals. I now have a greater peace-of-mind for my financial future.”


“Goldco has been very good to deal with. They were very good with communication and timely response. We had some problems with the mail, but not their problem. Feels good to have invested in tangible metal. Satisfied customer” 


“Ben was very accommodating, he answered all my questions. He explained how things work, and assisted me with my purchase of silver coins. This was my first experience with buying silver, so he explained exactly what I would be purchasing (Silver Lucky Dragon w/ privy), quantity, and unit price for each coin. Also, explained about my bonus coins, (Silver Military Guineas).”


How to start with Goldco?

Download the 100% FREE Gold kit so you know everything you need prior to investing. This is the first step towards a meaningful retirement + protect your assets vs inflation! Do Not Wait!

goldco free ira guide

What Is Regal Assets? 

Regal Assets is a well-known investment company that specializes in providing investors gold-backed IRAs for their retirement plans. The company was founded in 2009 by its current CEO Tyler Gallagher who began by offering US only precious metal IRA. Regal Assets is now a global company with investment and trade floors in Dubai, the UK, and Canada. 

regal assets brand logo

A Regal Assets investment account offers all four precious metals categories- silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Such inventories include the purest bars and coins produced from world-class mints around the world. Their corporate headquarters is located in the US in Beverly Hills, California.

Is Regal Assets a Reputable Company?

Here's the deal, Regal Assets is a popular investment company in the Us and has had several features in top financial news platforms. The company’s biggest features were in Forbes Investment Guide as Regal Assets was the only precious metal dealer to get a mention in this piece. Regal Assets was ranked at #20 in the fastest growing US financial services company. The gold IRA company is the only official partner at the Royal Mint in the UK. 

regal assets reputable business proof

This company has a high profile and quick research will prove the same. Besides, it lives up to the hype and has the credits to be a reputable precious metal investment company. Regal Assets also has stellar reviews in independent review bodies like BBB, BCA, Trustlink, and more.

Precious Metal and Gold Investments With Regal Assets

In the early 2000s investments in precious metals were not as popular as today. Companies like Regal Assets were formed after the recession and they specialize in buying and selling gold in the form of bullion, coins, and bars. The investment firms knew very well that precious metals were a safer haven for investors than today’s paper-based investments such as bonds and stocks. 

Regal Assets offers precious metal investments in IRA-approved bullions and coins such as South African Krugerrands, American buffalos, Canadian Maple leaf, etc. Precious metals IRAs provide a pretty stable hedge against inflation and other financial uncertainties.

investing in regal assets - precious metals and gold

What’s Regal Asset’s Minimum Investment?

Wondering how much money is enough for investment with Regal Assets? Worry not, here is a list of the minimum investment amounts in Regal Assets. 


Minimum Investment

Regal IRA


Non-IRA Transactions


What Are Regal Assets’ Fees?

Regal Assets charges $0 for storage and administration fees for the first year and then they charge $150 per year in segregated fees and $100 in yearly admin fees. Here is a further breakdown of Regal Assets fees.

Regal Asset IRA Fees


Initial Setup Fees


Annual Admin Fees


Annual Storage Fees


Minimum Purchase Amount


Preferred Depository

Brink’s Global Services

Regal Assets Fees For Non-IRA Transactions


One-time Setup Fees


Annual Maintenance Fees


Storage Fees


Investor Reviews Of Regal Assets: What are they saying?

Regal Assets has been on the financial radar for more than a decade and has received numerous reviews from clients and investors. While some reviews are just hype, we have scraped the most genuine ones and tried to find honest investors. Here’s what people are saying about Regal Assets. 

“I had a very positive transaction with Christian Howard and Jannette Compton that made the whole process very smooth and painless. They are outstanding customer service professionals. Thank you very much for the assist in setting up my account.”

Martin P.

“Rollover IRA was easy and efficient with Jannettes support on all the documentation and file handling. She kept me up to date on how process going. Anthony was great explaining how Regal Assets worked and convinced me Regal Assets was the way to go for my Bitcoin Investments over other Bitcoin IRA groups. Thanks to both of them for very positive experience.”

Glenn N.

“Christian and Leah were great. I wasn’t sure how to navigate through the process. They were very patient in guiding me til the end. Thank you!”

Nick L.

Christian at Regal assets is a true Professional. He made the transfer of my IRA to a Crypto IRA  a breeze. He is a great communicator and is very timely in his responses. Once the money was deposited and ready to trade he help me quickly acquire the crypto of my choice. I did a lot of research on Regal Assets before I moved my money and you can’t find a bad word about them period. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Christian.


Which Gold IRA Investment Company Do We Recommend? Regal Assets or Goldco?

Winding up, it is a tough race between the two gold IRA companies as they both have an amazing reputation and have been in the business for long enough. Goldco has a soft spot for customers and it is keen on building relationships rather than convincing people to invest in their company. A noble idea that helps create trust and security among investors. Regal Assets has excellent services and offers relatively low segregated storage costs. In fact, their segregated costs are almost 50% lower than industry mark-up prices. 

Goldco understands the client’s fear of making the first step and that’s why the company’s minimum investment is reasonable enough for anyone to start a gold IRA. They are slightly better off in the overall quality of service and have had fewer complaints across all independent review companies. All in all, you’ll need to make the decision on which company to go with, and as long as you diversify your portfolio, you will have an enjoyable retirement fund.

recommend goldco over regal assets


Overall Rating: 4.8/5

company office regal assets

Regal Assets

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

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