Is Acre Gold Legit? (Review By An Investing Expert)

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You'll agree with financial experts across the globe that investing in precious metals such as gold is currently the best guarantee for a stable and independent financial future. It not only diversifies your investments but also shields you against inflation, market meltdowns, and other financial crises. 

If you're thinking about investing in gold, you may have come across Acre Gold, a precious metal company. In this honest review, we'll examine everything you need to know about the company to help you decide better whether they're worth investing in. Before we dive in, here's a quick summary of Acre Gold:

Quick Summary of Acre Gold Review

Name of Company:

Acre Gold

Official Website:

Company Owners:

Brendon Mcqueen

Company Headquarters:

Santa Monica, CA and Boise, ID

Overall Ratings (updated for 2021):

4/5 ⭐

Product Name

Carson's Rating: 4/5

Did Acre Gold Make The List?

What is Acre Gold?

Based in Boise, Idaho, and Santa Monica, California, Acre Gold is a precious metals retailing firm specializing in subscription-based gold sales. Founded by a team of gold enthusiasts and fintech experts, the company was established to help investors branch out their financial assets by availing gold conveniently and at more affordable prices than other companies.

Though relatively new in the precious metals market, Acre Gold is fast gaining popularity as an easy and safe way to get into the gold industry. Unlike most other precious metal dealers, they've adopted a unique subscriptions model to make gold readily accessible to investors every month.

How does it Work?

Most precious metal firms will ship and deliver your assets only after making full payment. However, Acre Gold uses a completely different approach- it acts as a layaway program, allowing you to pay for the gold in bits.

You pay a monthly subscription fee toward the purchase of gold, and the firm ships the gold directly to your designated address when this amount accumulates to the company price of a 2.5-gram gold bar. Furthermore, you may also cancel these subscriptions at any time.

Acre Gold's Subscription Pricing Packages

Acre gold has two subscription packages for beginner and medium gold investors. Their $30 and $50 monthly subscriptions allow you to contribute each month partially toward the price of a 2.5-gram gold bar. Along with this, the company releases your gold bullion for prompt shipping the moment you hit the set cost threshold for the gold. 

Additionally, they have a $100 monthly subscription package for wealthier gold investors. Each month, your $100 payment accumulates toward the price of a 5-gram gold bar. Once the amount reaches the fixed price of the gold, the company delivers a 5-gram gold bar to your select address. After each shipment, the firm credits the remaining amount to your account to purchase the next bullion. 


We found Acre Gold fees straightforward and fair to the average gold investor. Here's a breakdown of their charges:

  • One-time upfront and non-refundable membership fee of $12 to open an account with Acre Gold
  • $30 or $50 every month in the $30 and $50 subscription packages, respectively
  • $3.35 processing fee for each shipment of gold bullion 
  • $20 cancellation fee to close your Acre Gold account.

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Is Acre Gold a Good Idea?

When deciding whether a precious metals firm is worth your investment, we consider several factors. For instance, we look at its legitimacy, customer reviews and ratings, and the suitability of its products and services to specific investors (beginner, medium, and established). 

Acre Gold has sparked mixed reviews for such a relatively young precious metals firm. Still, they have adopted an exclusive payment model where you pay part of the price of a gold bar via monthly subscriptions. Unlike the minimum investment cap imposed by most other gold dealers, this strategy allows budding and low-to-medium-budget investors to access gold assets with minimal hassle.

Are Their Gold Bars Real?

Absolutely! Acre Gold only deals in the finest quality pure gold bullion. Each 2.5-gram gold bar contains 0.0881 ounces of 0.9999 fine gold, while each 5-gram gold bar contains 0.1607 ounces of 0.9999 fine gold. Moreover, the bullion is stamped with the Acre Gold logo alongside the weight and purity stamp to verify its legitimacy. 

Even better, Acre Gold ships your bullion in a classy sealed protective package complete with an assay cord assembly and display drawer. This elaborate packaging not only protects the gold but also certifies its authenticity. 


Most precious metal retail firms rely on instant chat and phone communications to offer engaging services and support to customers. However, Acre Gold again takes a different approach to customer support by engaging with customers only via email and social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. 

You can reach them through their responsive social handles or send a query to the customer support desk through In our view, the lack of phone contact or live chat feature is a big inconvenience to customers and prospects that need instant communication and assistance. 

Rating and Reviews

Acre Gold is a relatively new player in the precious metals market and only has three years of experience in the field. Thus, it's understandable that they only have a handful of reviews on most platforms. 

You'll be disappointed to note that they're currently not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have a poor B- rating from the same platform. Moreover, the BBB cautions investors that Acre Gold is a subscription-based company, so they must hold bullion in layaway pending completion of payment for each gold bar.

Likewise, the company currently lacks Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) accreditation and has minimal reviews on trusted review sites, including Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, TrustLink, and the Ripoff Report. Additionally, we came across numerous complaints from disgruntled Acre Gold customers. Most of the complaints revolve around inconvenient customer support channels. 

Nevertheless, the company is exceptionally responsive to customer and prospect queries via its social media accounts. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of email and social media communication. A decent proportion of investors nearing retirement prefer more hands-on communication methods such as phone calls and instant chat.

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Pros and Cons

Similar to other precious metal firms, Acre Gold has its fair share of pros and cons.


  • Has a unique strategy that helps investors to buy gold bars via affordable monthly subscription fees
  • You can close your account any time you please
  • The signup process is straightforward
  • The firm only sells premium quality gold bullion minted in Switzerland
  • The company has a referral program for investors to earn incentives by referring other customers to the firm 
  • Responsive customer support, particularly via social media


  • The company's founder is unknown
  • Relatively new in the precious metals market with only three years since inception, hence have limited experience
  • Little information on the company website regarding their products and services
  • Lacks accreditation from trusted platforms such as the BBB and the BCA
  • Minimal reviews on major review platforms
  • Negative reviews and numerous complaints online 
  • Unsatisfactory customer support, mainly due to a lack of popular and convenient communication channels (The official company website doesn't list a contact phone and lacks a live chat feature). 

Is Acre Gold legit? The Bottom Line

Yes, Acre Gold is a fully legit precious metals retail company. They have physical addresses that house their headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and Boise, Idaho. Moreover, there are multiple accolades online from satisfied customers, proving that the firm is indeed genuine.

Possibly the best point about Acre Gold is that they offer investors gold at affordable and hassle-free subscription arrangements. All you have to do is accumulate enough money for a gold bar through monthly subscriptions, and the company will ship it to your select address. Moreover, they respond to customer complaints promptly and professionally via email and social media accounts. 

However, similar to other gold firms, Acre Gold has its downsides. They only have a handful of reviews from trusted sites like the BCA and BBB, but this could be because they're relatively new. The company is young and is still gaining popularity and trust among precious metal investors. 

Furthermore, Acre Gold has received multiple complaints about an unsatisfactory customer support policy. While the firm offers responsive assistance via email and social media accounts, we feel they can achieve better customer satisfaction by integrating convenient and popular communication channels such as instant chat and a phone. 

Additionally, the firm's founder is unknown, and their sales policy leaves something to be desired. Despite investors paying monthly subscriptions, the company doesn't provide updated data. We'd expect them to keep customers apprised of their account standing and how much gold bullion their investment is worth. 


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