OneGold Review: An Investor Explains The App With Pros and Cons

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Welcome to my Onegold review, where I show you if investing in digital gold and silver is a legit option (with pros and cons)!

Investing in digital precious metals is quickly growing in popularity across the globe. In fact, as 2021 goes by, more precious metal investors are turning to digital investments to optimize the convenience, security, and returns of their investment. Although this investment still relies on physical precious metals, you no longer need to hassle over the physical storage of these valuables.

Choosing the right company to invest in digital precious metals is a significant financial decision. That’s why you need accurate, up-to-date, detailed, and reliable information to make an informed choice.

If you’re looking to invest in digital precious metals, OneGold is worth your consideration. OneGold offers investors an opportunity to invest and trade in precious metals counting gold, silver, and platinum. So, what is OneGold, and is it a right fit for your digital precious metals investment? Read on to learn everything you need about this company, its products, services, and support.

Quick Summary of OneGold Review

Name of Company:


Official Website:

Company Owners:

APMEX and Sprott

Insurance Agency:

Lloyds of London

Investment Products:

Precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum

Overall Ratings (updated for 2021):

4/5 ⭐

Investment Fees:


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Carson's Rating: 3.5/5

What is OneGold?

OneGold is a company, platform, and marketplace specializing in the investment of digital gold, silver, and platinum in four leading countries (the U.S, United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland). They give investors direct and ultra-low cost ownership of the precious vaulted metals with 24/7 full-time access. 

As an investor with OneGold, you enjoy top-class investment user experience along with unsurpassed peace of mind ensuing from trade with the best players in the market. Better still, OneGold offers investors a swift, easy, and cost-effective way to purchase digital and physical precious metals.   

logo of onegold - gold ira company

Who are the Owners of OneGold?

OneGold was established and is owned jointly by two partner companies: APMEX and Sprott. These two entities joined up resources, expertise, and experiences to offer precious metal investors the best-class experience when buying prized metals and saving for retirement. Moreover, the partners aim to offer precious metal investors the ultimate experience in secure online.

onegold owners and team


apmex brand logo backing onegold

Established in 1999 by Scott Thomas, APMEX is a famed and trusted leading global online precious metals dealer. The company is currently based in Oklahoma City and offers a staggering array of precious metal products and services geared toward customer satisfaction. 

APMEX also boasts an enormous customer base that benefits from ready access to a massive selection of bullion and other precious metals. This way, they’re committed to offering each customer the finest experience.


sprott brand logo backing onegold

Founded in 1981 by Eric Sprott, Sprott aims to provide world-class strategies to investors. They specialize in worldwide alternative asset management, particularly precious metals and real asset investments.

With subsidiaries spanning the U.S, Canada, and Asia, the entity has a gigantic client base and an equally enormous selection of customer assets. 

Moreover, Sprott operates merchant banking and brokerage business ventures across Canada and the United States.


OneGold is committed to offering a world-class investor experience to all their customers by offering the ultimate in quality, competitive prices, and user experience. They’re the one-stop platform for U.S, UK, Canadian and Swiss precious metals investment.

Let's take a look below of exactly what they offer, so you have a great idea of what you can expect if you move forward in the process.

products from onegold

U.S. Products

Investors looking for the safest and most convenient platform to invest in U.S digital precious metals will find OneGold irresistible. This marketplace offers unbeatable prices and convenience to invest in U.S. Gold, U.S. Silver, and U.S. Platinum developed in-house by the reliable APMEX group.

Even better, precious metal investors can sleep peacefully knowing that their prized investments are vaulted and secured by leading partners including APMEX, Brinks, COMEX, or Loomis International. Furthermore, all the digital offers are backed by corresponding physical precious metal investments that are isolated and wholly assured and insured by the trusty Lloyds of London.

Vaultchain Gold and Silver

OneGold leverages their first-rate expertise and experience along with solid partnerships to present their customers the cream of digital precious metal offers. This includes Vaultchain Gold and Silver, a leading TradeWind-developed digital asset innovation. 

Vaultchain products are vaulted and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint and are designed to give investors advanced access and security perks.

Moreover, OneGold constantly monitors the progress of digital precious metals investments and trade. This way, their customers are guaranteed to find only the finest and up-to-date offers in the world on the platform.

How Does OneGold Work?

All the digital precious metal assets in OneGold platform’s coffers are backed by corresponding physical precious metal assets. These assets are not only high-value but also liquid and secured in the company’s safe vaults.

Investors that are keen to take up the OneGold offers must first sign up an account profile with the platform through the company website. 

onegold how it works step 1

From there, you’re required to log into your account to start purchasing precious digital metals instantly via a bevy of accepted and convenient payment options counting credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank cheque, and Bitcoin. 

onegold how it works step 2

In the next step, investors specify the number of precious metal ounces they wish to purchase and then set a suitable frequency of investment. Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Autoinvest’ option with a convenient purchase frequency. 

onegold how it works step 3

Either way, your investment stays in a tight-security vault, and is fully insured. Besides, you can sign in to your OneGold account profile to view the status and monitor the performance of your precious investment. 

onegold how it works step 4
onegold how it works step 5

OneGold offers investors two options to redeem their digital precious metals: In the first option, you can liquidate all or part of your digital assets via online redemption for a variety of high-value physical assets that are then delivered to your preferred physical address. The second option allows you to sell off your digital precious metals for cash that you can then withdraw.

onegold how it works step 6 - withdraw

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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Though not an IRA custodian company, OneGold helps their customers to set up precious metals IRAs.  These are precious metal savings accounts that offer tax advantages to the holders. What’s more, you can use an IRA to invest long-term or save for your retirement.

onegold retirement account ira

OneGold recommends a list of suitable IRA custodian companies on their website, such as STRATA trust. However, investors are at liberty to work with their preferred IRA companies. All you have to do is:

  • Contact your choice IRA custodian firm to open a precious metals IRA
  • Fund the account via an eligible rolling over retirement account or bank transfer
  • Add precious metal investment to the account. 


Product Pricing

The prices of precious metal products at OneGold vary with each precious metal. Additionally, the products prices differ depending on the specific country’s digital precious metals you choose to purchase. For instance, the price of U.S. Gold is different from that of Swiss Gold.

Regardless, OneGold offers some of the most competitive prices for investment of the various precious metals worldwide.

onegold review pricing gold products

Storage Pricing

Since OneGold targets to offer its precious metal customers the lowest service charges, their storage prices are exceptionally subsidized. Even better, the platform has a built-in calculator to help investors to accurately determine storage fees for their precious metals investment.

onegold review storage fees

Mobile App

With most online entrepreneurs turning to mobile devices’ use to access, monitor, and manage various aspects of their enterprise, OneGold incorporates a responsive mobile app as one of its tools. The versatile app is available for both Android and Apple users in Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. 

The mobile app enables investors to stay up-to-date with the OneGold marketplace, monitor, and manage their precious metals investment conveniently on the go.

onegold app

Switch and Save

OneGold’s ‘Switch and Save’ feature gives each customer a reimbursement of up to $250 per account for every purchase of OneGold's U.S. precious metal products. This way, the platform saves investors the hassle of switching around. Here’s how the feature works:

  1. Create an account with OneGold to save up to $100 annually for every  $1000 investment, along with other lucrative perks such as ‘AutoInvest’ and QuickShip redemption
  2. Contact OneGold support via or call 1-800-492-9144 and explain your intent to transfer from a competitor precious metals investment platform
  3. Move your digital precious metal assets from the competitor platform to OneGold by selling them or withdrawing, and then funding your OneGold account
  4. Send your final bill to OneGold to credit your new account. Upon approval, OneGold credits the funds into your new account as cash balance
  5. Refer your friends and colleagues to the awesome OneGold platform to earn yourself and each successful referral a cash bonus.
onegold switch and save

Trust Ratings and Reviews

You should always do your due diligence and research customer reviews, experiences and ratings BEFORE opening an account on OneGold. I did some digging around on my own and here's what I found:

On the Better Business Bureau, there are mixed feelings about They have a handful of 5/5 star reviews along with a handful of 1/5 star reviews. The negative experiences are more current than the positive ones, and it seems like unhappy users are having doubts about being able to get their money back. I'll be honest here, this is always a concern with people who are scared to lose their money. It's an investment folks, but I would take these negative reviews into consideration.

Here are updated trust ratings for OneGold for the year 2021:

  • An “A+” rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) for Accredited Business
  • Not rated by Business Consumer Alliance
  • Not rated by TrustLink
  • A 2.95/5 rating by Trustpilot based on 2 reviews (not enough sample size)
  • Average of 4/5-star rating based on 97% of online customer reviews for epic customer service, flawless and responsive dashboard, and competitive product and service pricing. 
onegold reviews trustpilot rating

If ratings like this spook you out (me too) then check out Goldco - here's a free IRA guide to get you started with them.

Pros and Cons


  • The platform is owned and run by two famed, trusted, and market-leading companies
  • Very competitive product and service prices
  • Their website is packed with useful and valid investor information
  • Investors can start purchasing digital precious metals with as low as $1
  • A highly responsive mobile app for Android and Apple users
  • Potentially profitable products 
  • Stellar security integrations
  • Flawless customer support


  • OneGold has been in the market for a short time (since 2018)
  • There could be better digital precious metal investment platforms for specific investors depending on unique situations.

Is OneGold a scam?

To wrap up this Onegold review, we wanted to answer a frequently asked question, "is onegold a scam?" The answer is no, OneGold is not a scam. They’re legitimately owned and operated by two world-renowned and trusted companies in the precious metals investment marketplace, APMEX and Sprott. The platform has been operational since 2018. is 100% safe, secure and accessible 24/7 on their mobile app or deskptop, which allows investors to buy, sell or pick up precious metals whenever they want.

My final thoughts are that I like OneGold, but I am constantly recommending a trustworthy gold IRA company called Goldco to all of my clients because it's a little more firm at the moment. For more information, download the free Gold IRA guide below:

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